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Paws and Shop will open Wednesday December 17th at 10 am to 6 pm... For donations call 814-230-9216 for an appointment time. You may also call Paws Along the River to set up an appointment time... Hope to see everyone at the Grand Opening which we are planning to have in January... Click here for more info.

Safety Tips

Christmas Tree - Anchor your tree so it does not tip over causing injury to your pet. Tree water breeds bacteria that can cause stomach upset, so cover water under the tree.

Tinsel-less - Kitties especially love tinsel, all sparkly and light-catching. This pretty decoration can lead to obstruction if swallowed. Leave the tinsel in the store.

Chocolate not so sweet... - Remember chocolate can make your pet very sick if ingested. Keep all candy, unattended plates of food, and the garbage can lid tight so your pet can not eat anything that can hurt them.

Stocking Stuffers - Toys can be torn apart allowing your pet to swallow pieces where they can become lodged in the esophagus, stomach or intestine is best kept out of the house. Long, stringy things with ribbon can be a cats dream, but dangerous to all. A cat dancer, a new ball, racket ball for your dog, a kong, a stuffed catnip toy are great choices.

Mistletoe and Holly - These pretty holiday plants are dangerous to dogs and cats. Artificial plants made from silk or plastic or a pet safe bouquet will still warm up your home.

Leftover Frenzy - Fatty, spicy and no-no human food, as well as bones should not be fed to your furry friends. No need for costly vet bills during this joyous season

Holiday Glow - Lights and candles are great ways to set the stage for a special holiday scene. Do not leave lighted candles and lights that can burn your pets or worse your home. Blow them out and turn them off.

All wired up - Wires and batteries and glass ornaments should be kept out the reach of those pesky paws. Electrical shock, burns to the mouth, and cuts from glass can be the end to a wonderful holiday celebration.

Meds Away - Make sure all medications are locked behind secure doors. Guests need to keep their meds zipped up and packed away too.

Coming Events and Latest News! More on coming events
Paws and Shop
Planning to open in mid-December.... Watch for our Grand Opening!
During our Paws and Shop set up we will accepting donations Click here for more information

2015 Dog License Sales
2015 Dog License Sales will start in December. Come in and support the shelter by getting your dog license from us.

Cat Adoption Special
Adopt during December and get $20 off Cat Adoption... Visit our amazing cats now.... Welcome a Paws Kitty into your home for Christmas....

The following Township and Borough governments have chosen not to fund the Humane Society for Animal Control services and residents from Bear Lake, Cherry Grove, Columbus, Eldred, Elk, Farmington, Freehold, Spring Creek, Sugar Grove Township, and Triumph will be required to pay a fee for stray cats beginning January 1, 2014. Any questions contact 726-1961

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